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Nuvofil Air Filtration, which has a vital role in the operation of a threaded compressor and prevents the pollution of air and oil, has helped its customers with its long service times, easy installation and sustainable performance.

Dust, smoke, water, oil particles and other unwanted materials can greatly reduce the life of your machinery and equipment in your compressed air system. Nuvofil Air Filters, which meet and / or exceed the original product quality and performance, can be supplied for all brand compressors.

Air filter production can be performed on demand on technical drawings and data.

If you have questions about how to change the air filter or if you can not find the product you need, you can call our customer service team free of charge, Whatsapp, by e-mail.

Brand References

Air-Filter Abac 2236105843
Air-Filter Abac 8973036913
Air-Filter Abac 9618208
Air-Filter Aerzner 123273000
Air-Filter Aias 31031
Air-Filter Alup 17233920
Air-Filter Atlas Copco 1621026500
Air-Filter Atlas Copco 2255300112
Air-Filter Atlas Copco 2255300163
Air-Filter Boge 569000731P
Air-Filter Compair-Demag 6296777
Air-Filter Compair-Demag 98262192
Air-Filter Ecoair 93515211
Air-Filter Ecoair BN17912
Air-Filter Gardner Denver 1157455
Air-Filter Gardner Denver Wittig 43264800
Air-Filter Ingersoll Rand 22100903
Air-Filter Ingersoll Rand 35711209
Air-Filter Ingersoll Rand 39322201
Air-Filter Ingersoll Rand 93515211
Air-Filter Ingersoll Rand 35123512
Air-Filter Joy 54329804
Air-Filter Maco  Meudon 529856
Air-Filter Maco  Meudon 68529856
Air-Filter Mahle 5098850
Air-Filter Mann  & Hummel 4592055404
Air-Filter Mann  & Hummel C339203
Air-Filter Mattei AG70XXX005
Air-Filter Quincy 124533
Air-Filter Sullair 12151
Air-Filter Sullair 68529856
Air-Filter Sullair 48462

Flange -
OD 1 327
OD 2 -
ID 1 216
ID 2 -
H 1 621
H 2 -
Bomb -
Hole 10,5
Ø -

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