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NSF4001106 Replacement for SF Filter SAO56070

  • €10.20
  • Product Code: NSF4001106
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Hifi Filter OA1093, Mann & Hummel 4900050611, Mann & Hummel 4900050612, Rietschle 730526, Rietschle 730876, SF Filter SAO56070

With hundreds of Air / Oil Separators specially designed for screw compressors and vacuum pumps, Nuvofil meets the performance, quality and budget goals of its customers.

Imported media from Germany and specially designed stainless steel components and Nuvofil Air / Oil Separators offer over 4,000 hours of operating time without sacrificing performance under favorable conditions.

Nuvofil Air / Oil Separators, Diving Type (Worn) and Spin On.

On request, Spin-On or Diving Type Air / Oil Separator can be specially produced on technical drawings and data.

If you have questions about how to change Air / Oil Separators, or if you can not find the product you need, you can call our customer service team free of charge, Whatsapp, by e-mail.

Brand References

Separator-Vacuum Hifi Filter OA1093
Separator-Vacuum Mann  & Hummel 4900050611
Separator-Vacuum Mann  & Hummel 4900050612
Separator-Vacuum Rietschle 730526
Separator-Vacuum Rietschle 730876
Separator-Vacuum SF Filter SAO56070

Flow Rate (m3 / min.) 0.9
OD 1 80
OD 2 45
ID 1
H 1 145
H 2

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